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StarCodec is a codec pack, an installer of codecs for playing media files,
which is distributed for free.
StarCodec provide a convenient and stable media environment by including stable and excellent codecs.

StarCodec Audio Environment Option according to the speaker configuration

StarCodec - Audio Environment Option

Select "No Change" if you want to output without changing the original output.

5.1 Channel Speaker  ➜  Select 3 Front + 2 Rear Channel, Select LFE
4.1 Channel Speaker  ➜  Select 2 Front + 2 Rear Channel, Select LFE
2.1 Channel Speaker  ➜  Select Stereo, Select LFE
4 Channel Speaker  ➜  Select 2 Front + 2 Rear Channel
Stereo Speaker  ➜  Select Stereo
Mono Speaker  ➜  Select Mono

If you are using digital output through other RCA connectors or optical connectors, select SPDIF.

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