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StarCodec is a codec pack, an installer of codecs for playing media files,
which is distributed for free.
You can change audio environment option, video quality option during installation.

StarCodec 64-bit is a version for 64-bit Editions of Windows and include 64-bit codecs only for 64-bit Media Players. StarCodec 64-bit can be installed and used with StarCodec 32-bit version. StarCodec 64-bit can be used in 64-bit Media Players such as Windows Media Player(x64) or Windows Media Center(x64).

Since StarCodec 32-bit version can be used in 32-bit Media Players of 64-bit Windows without problems, it is recommended to use 32-bit StarCodec when possible.

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February 14, 2024
  • StarCodec 64-bit 20240214 (50.0MB) - Download

December 6, 2023
  • StarCodec 64-bit 20231206 (49.5MB) - Download

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